TBT - Roman

This may have been the best and hardest newborn session I ever did, because this is my son. It was the best because he was my little squishy baby. It was the hardest because I was only 7 days postpartum when I took these, with no one around to help. My baby turned 2 this last week and looking at these pictures helps me remember what a sweet little guy he has always been.

Daryl ~ Newborn

Here's a sweet little one that should have made it to the blog a long time ago. Enjoy!

Daryl_Newborn-18 copy

Daryl_Newborn-22 copy

Daryl_Newborn-10 copy

Daryl_Newborn-17 copy

Daryl_Newborn-25 copy

Daryl_Newborn-27 copy

Daryl_Newborn-5 copy

Daryl_Newborn-24 copy

Daryl_Newborn-16 copy

Daryl_Newborn-28 copy

N ~ Family

I'll be playing catch up on many photo sessions from last year over the next couple of weeks before I start getting too busy with new sessions. 2011 was a great year!

Here is a sweet family. They were great to work with and the weather wasn't too cold when we did their holiday session.

Nurkin_Family-4 copy

Nurkin_Family-8 copy

Nurkin_Family-9 copy

Nurkin_Family-12 copy

Nurkin_Family-14 copy

Nurkin_Family-16 copy

Nurkin_Family-25 copy

Mikey ~ 6 months

Here's Mikey's 6 month session. He was so good during this session. So happy and so much fun to be around. We got so many great images it was hard to decide which ones to share.

Mikey_6months-8 copy

Mikey_6months-33 copy

Mikey_6months-6 copy

Mikey_6months-25 copy

Mikey_6months-28 copy

Mikey_6months-11 copy

Mikey_6months-32 copy

Mikey_6months-36 copy

Mikey_6months-2 copy

Mikey_6months-12 copy

I love watching dads and babies! Aren't these next 3 so stinkin' cute?!?

Mikey_6months-17 copy

Mikey_6months-23 copy

Mikey_6months-24 copy

Mikey_6months-7 copy


Katie's session was scheduled for August 27th. The day Hurricane Irene was rolling into town. It started raining as I was driving over to the clients home, and for a minute I was afraid. I didn't know how easy or hard it would be for me to get home. At the time we didn't know how bad things would be. Katie put me at ease. She was sleeping when I arrived and stayed sleeping long enough for us to get wonderful shots of her. She's been one of my quickest newborn sessions this year, and I couldn't have asked for an easier baby on such a high anxiety day.